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Hip Labral Tear & Repair

What Is It?

The hip labrum is a form of cartilage that lines the rim of the socket (acetabulum).  Injury to the hip labrum is a recognized source of hip pain.  One theory behind the cause of hip labral tears is called femoroacetabular impingement, “FAI”.  Treatment of labral tears can be either with or without surgery.  Surgical treatment may involve hip arthroscopy.  A hip labral tear may be surgically treated with debridement (trimming/removal) or repair/reattachment.  Hip labral repair involves using sutures (“stitches”) to reattach the torn cartilage to the rim of the socket.

Who Should Have It?

Some short term clinical research supports hip labral repair as beneficial to improved clinical outcomes.  Hip labral repair should be considered in the setting of labral injury.

What Are Some of The Risks?

In addition to other surgical risks, a repaired labrum may retear.


Hip Labral Tear Repair


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